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We long for growth. This longing pushes from within like a lotus pushing up through the mud. We know that growth happens; just consider the Great Teachers who now and then grace the earth. We admire them; some of us even worship them. Yet they were once like us, in a former life: aspiring but not yet grown. These books were written while some growth was happening.

The Lotus Path

The Lotus Path is a collection of forty-six paintings created between the years of 1966 and 2012 by artist Jane Karchmar. Each painting depicts a stage on the spiritual path that we are all following, each in our own way. Sometimes we move quickly, other times we seem to be on a plateau; but eventually we will reach the final destination that our souls have been yearning and growing toward all along – Enlightenment. It might not be in this life, but it will happen.

The Tale Of Amaru

Amaru talks to snakes, flies, spiders, and all manner of creatures. From them he learns that all is not as it seems. He learns to look through, above, below – wherever the truth might be lurking. His ears are tuned to unusual frequencies. He progresses through childhood to adulthood and, finally an old man, he finds he has done all that he came to do. So, when Death finally comes for him, he goes quietly, with just one message to the village children: “Listen. Just listen.”

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I have been looking after my own salvation with diligence for about fifty years. My Path still stretches on . . . and on. While on the Path, I have meditated, practised yoga, practised martial arts, studied just about everything, chanted, painted, and earned a living.

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